Wanjiru Warama at La Playa Books

Last weekend La Playa Books was thrilled to host local author Wanjiru Warama as she discussed her memoirs, “Unexpected America” and “Entangled in America”.

With a calm voice and gentle smile, Wanjiru shared the outline of her life with her captivated audience, explaining how she came to be in America far from her Kenyan roots. A story filled with tragedy and triumph, Wanjiru has built her life with humor and grace, taking one day at a time. The only member of her family in America, Wanjiru has found peace and the glow of inspiration in sharing the stories of her life.


Wanjiru Warama
Author Wanjiru Warama, at La Playa Books


While “Unexpected America” and “Entangled in America” chronicle Wanjiru’s life in the United States, the book she is currently writing will detail her childhood in Kenya. “These are stories that before, I didn’t want to tell anyone. But I am stronger now. I want to tell these stories.”

And we can’t wait to read them!

Visit the author’s website to purchase her books and see upcoming events.