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La Playa Books’ Bestselling Poetry of 2018


In a time when many claim the book is dying, poetry has been infused with new life.


According to new data from the National Endowment for the Arts, poetry sales in 2017 were at an all-time high.


We’ve noticed the same here at La Playa Books and couldn’t be happier about it!


Whatever has caused the recent resurgence of interest in poetry, we are here to make sure you can absorb the words of all your favorite poets.


Here is a list of La Playa’s best-selling poetry of 2018:


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Maya Angelou:


Phenomenal Woman

And Still I Rise



phen woman


Though she is best known for her seven autobiographies, Angelou’s poetry also resonates by raising a liberating voice in celebration of women. Any of these three riveting volumes will make an excellent addition to your poetry collection.


Billy Collins:


Sailing Alone Around the Room

Aimless Love


billy collins


Collins’ witty, conversational style prompted The New York Times to dub him “the most popular poet in America.” Pick up your copy of one of these titles to see if that’s a claim you can get behind.


T.S Eliot:


Inventions of the March Hare

Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats


t.s. eliot


Born in 1888, T.S. Eliot is the only classic “poet of old” to make this list. Clearly his command of language is still relevant and speaking to young and old alike.


Lawrence Ferlinghetti:


How to Paint Sunlight

A Far Rockaway of the Heart


paint sunlight


Lawrence Ferlinghetti is the co-founder of the famous City Lights bookstore in San Francisco and an essential contributor to the establishment of the Beat movement.


Ferlinghetti’s poetry reflects his strong belief that poetry and art should be taken from the Ivory Tower of academia and made accessible to all people.


Rupi Kaur:


Milk and Honey

The Sun and her Flower


milk and honey 


Kaur took the world by storm when she published “Milk and Honey,” a collection of poems accompanied by drawings in 2015. Kaur’s poems are short and powerful, first garnering attention through her Tumblr page, and then going on to The New York Times bestsellers list for 118 weeks (as of July 2018).

“Milk and Honey” has been so popular in fact, that some have credited Kaur for the recent resurgence of interest in poetry, especially among younger readers.


Mary Oliver:


Dog Songs


dog songs


Mary Oliver’s verse focuses on the calm and quiet. She turns the spotlight of observation on to the things that happen in the margins of life.


“Dog Songs” is a collection of poems that highlights the special bond between human and dog, inspired by the poet’s own relationships with her furry friends.


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