Marketa Hancova and International Women’s Day at La Playa Books

March 8th was International Women’s Day and we celebrated at La Playa Books by having Marketa Hancova speak about her journey across the sea from Czechoslovakia to America.


Marketa Hancova
Marketa sharing her story.


Enthralled by the notion of freedom and liberty, Marketa made her way to the United States after growing up under Communism. Marketa set the tone of her talk with music by Ella Fitzgerald, and continued to share her story with a magnetic enthusiasm that included personal stories from her time as a child in the Czech Republic during tumultuous political times, reading a love poem written for her husband, and generously passing a bowl of chocolate around the crowd during the course of her talk.


We were so pleased to host Marketa and hear her story, especially on such a fitting day. You can read about her experience at La Playa Books on her blog, Around Town With Marketa.


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