Dr. Sandra Bonura

“Light in the Queen’s Garden,” by Dr. Sandra Bonura

La Playa Books was thrilled to host Dr. Sandra Bonura at the store this past Sunday!


A noted teacher and historian, Dr. Bonura spoke on the turbulent history of the Kingdom of Hawai’i as told through the eyes of the young American teacher, Ida Pope.


With the help of a visual presentation filled with rare historical photos, Dr. Bonura brought 19th century Hawai’i to life by sharing the incredible true story of how Ms. Ida Pope, a young Ohio graduate of Oberlin University, made such a tremendous impact on so many lives.


Ms. Pope came to Hawai’i as a 28-year-old teacher and devoted her life to empowering her students, teaching young girls from all over the Hawaiian islands. Not only were her students given a thorough education, but they were also taught life and vocational skills, giving them the ability to work and take care of themselves.


"Light in the Queen's Garden"
“Light in the Queen’s Garden,” available now at La Playa Books!


Ms. Pope expanded her outreach beyond the school as well, improving the living conditions of some of the worst areas on the islands.


Quietly and tactfully, but firmly and with an iron will, Ms. Pope took upon herself whatever needed done to ensure the best she could provide for everyone around her.


Ms. Pope had a close friendship with Queen Lili‘uokalani, the last reigning monarch of Hawai’i, and therefore was closely involved in the political turmoil that wrecked havoc on the Kingdom of Hawai’i.


All of the stories and photographs are carefully and concisely complied by Dr. Bonura in the brilliant book, “Light in the Queen’s Garden.”


When asked why she has been so captivated by Hawaiian history and the life of Ms. Ida Pope, Dr. Bonura could only say, “Some times you don’t choose the story, the story chooses you.”


This incredible true story will keep you on the edge of your seat from cover to cover, as Ms. Pope proves what a powerful difference one person with a caring heart can make to so many.


The book, “Light in the Queen’s Garden” is available now at La Playa Books! Give us a call as at: (619) 226-2601, or come by the store to get your copy!


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