***Updated August 10th 2020***

We’re focused on keeping our staff healthy and our customers and community safe while following the laws and guidelines of the city and state.

Our store is not open to the public and it’s hard for us to see it being open for quite some time, perhaps even beyond the time when we may legally open.  When and if we do open, it will likely be a very different browsing experience. For now, we are dedicated to getting you the books you need in the simplest and fastest way possible.  Your support is what has kept us going and will keep us viable in the long run.

Here are some options for continuing to get books :

1) We are in the store taking phone orders Thursday-Monday between 10am and 5pm.  Pre-paid orders that are ready can be picked up 10-5.  If you get voicemail, leave a message- there’s only one bookseller allowed in the store at a time, so please be patient.

2) Email us your book list- we may have the book you want in store now.  We are happy to email you back with recommendations based on books you’ve enjoyed in the past.  If we don’t have the book in the store we can ship you a new copy instead.

3) Order online through our Bookshop storefront.  Bookshop.org is a B-corp that supports indie bookstores and opened their beta site in January 2020. We are a Bookshop affiliate and promote our Bookshop “store” as an alternative to other online retailers.  Bookshop supports us and other independent bookstores with a 25-30% commission on sales.

4) If you’re looking for something unique, rare, or out-of-print, check out our rare book inventory on Abe Books and Biblio. While our doors are closed, you can shop our shelves by browsing our Used Books inventory.

5) Buy gift cards to use in better times when you can visit the store.

6) If you love audio books, check out our shop on Libro.fm.  Mimi uses it and she’s taught her mom how to use it! Libro.fm just as easy to use as Audible, but like Bookshop.org, it supports our store and other indies like us.

7) If you are an e-book person, check out our store on Hummingbird.  They have tons of free and 99 cent books as well as many choices for kids.  Hummingbird is an alternative for Kindle that supports our store.

Stay engaged with our community by considering these upcoming virtual events:

A kind reminder that we’re not accepting donations or trade credit books for the foreseeable future.  Please don’t drop books on our doorstep while our doors are closed.  It’s not something we appreciate in the best of times and right now it is neither safe nor helpful to us.  Thank you.