General Info Page

La Playa Books opened its doors October 25, 2016. We are a new, used and rare bookstore with a sprinkling of bookish cards and gifts.

A "pop-and-daughter" bookstore, the La Playa Books family has been living in San Diego since 1886 and we're proud of our philanthropy and support of community groups and events. We strive to be a place of education and community activity in our Point Loma neighborhood. We participate in offsite literary events, develop creative pop-ups throughout San Diego and support literary non-profit work in our community.

Owner and Proprietor: James M. Hall

Manager & Used/Rare Book Buyer: Amy Hesselink

A UC Master Gardener, CABS graduate, Zamorano and Book Club of California member, with a BA in English/Art History and a BFA in Photography, you'll catch her from time to time behind a towering stack of newly brought-in books.

New Book Buyer: Mimi Hannan

Mimi has been a part of La Playa Books since its inception in 2016. She leads the store's book clubs, oversees new book purchasing and is an active board member of CALIBA (California Independent Bookseller Alliance).

Antiquarian Book Consultant: Jim Catley

The former owner of William James Bookseller in Port Townsend, WA, Jim helps La Playa Books immensely with his 30 years of bookselling knowledge especially in rare books and collectibles.

Bookseller Extraordinaire: Tiffany Palmer

You are guaranteed a fascinating literary conversation with Tiffany, especially if it's about nature and spirit.  Proud mom to Roy the Good Boy who is busy developing his own hashtag.

Events Coordinator: Marianne Reiner

Former owner of Run for Cover Bookstore, Marianne is our Saturday Storytime maven and champion of authors and all things BOOK.


As per CDC and California mask guidance, wearing a mask inside our bookstore is optional for fully vaccinated people and children under the age of 2.

We ask that unvaccinated visitors please continue to wear a mask while inside La Playa Books.