Author Jill Hall at La Playa Books!

La Playa Books was thrilled to host a meet-and-greet with author Jill Hall!


Currently working on the third novel in her series of historical fiction and magical realism, Hall actually began her career as a teacher.


“I taught in the San Diego school district for 20 years, but there was no support for the Arts, so I had to leave,” says Hall. “I am an artist. Art is my calling.”


In addition to being an author, Hall is also a visual artist. After stepping away from her teaching career, she returned to those visual roots.



Jill Hall
Jill Hall signing books with one of her fans.



“I went back to creating my visual art, working on mosaics. I am an intuitive artist. I work with my heart, not my brain.”


When Hall first began to write, it took a bit of a different turn than she was expecting.


“At first I thought I’d write a memoir about my time as a teacher,” says Hall. “Either that, or children’s books. But these characters started to form, and I couldn’t ignore them.”


Following her characters has led Hall to publish her debut novel, The Black Velvet Coat, which went on to be an International Book Award finalist, and its sequel, The Silver Shoes.



Jill’s books on display.



She is currently working on the third book in the series to be titled, The Green Lace Corset.


To keep up with Jill, see her work and catch her next live event, you can view her website.


We also have copies of her books in stock now, so come on by the store to get your copy and take a journey through her magical world!


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