Author James Clay

Author James Clay at La Playa Books!

Western author James Clay spoke to a packed house in the store last Sunday afternoon.


With animated enthusiasm, Clay regaled the crowd with the history and structure of the Western genre, pointing out that the Western is the mythology of America.


Author James Clay
The author regaling the crowd.

From dime novels, to pulp magazine, to the paperback, to the Golden Age of radio and motion pictures, the Western has captivated the heart and imagination of Americans for decades.


James Clay Signing
James Clay, signing books after his talk.

“The Western genre really has a lot to say to our current time,” says Clay. “Issues of the individual versus the community, feelings of loneliness and not belonging, and the fight of the outcast against the ‘system’ are all issues we still face today.”


Working by day as a literary agent, Clay struck out to write his own Western novels. He has now written a total of eleven, the latest being “Devil’s Due,” released in June 2018.



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