Art and Jazz: An Evening with Dorothy Annette

Jazz and Art came together at La Playa books last Thursday night with the art of Dorothy Annette and the smooth jazz of saxophonist Brandon Johnson.


The pairing of jazz and art was no coincidence, as the two have been closely linked throughout Annette’s creative journey.


“Music is the reason I started painting,” says Annette. Her journey studying jazz led her not only to increased creativity, but also to finding love with San Diego jazz great, Daniel Jackson.


Artist Dorothy Annette performing with saxophonist Brandon Johnson
Artist Dorothy Annette performing with saxophonist Brandon Johnson.


Loving and caring for Daniel up until he passed away in September of 2014 gave Annette a fresh perspective on Art.


“My Art had reached a new maturity after grief. The pieces here tonight are really an illustration of my whole journey.” Annette says of her works.


Artist prints by Dorothy Annette
Artist prints by Dorothy Annette.


The art displayed at La Playa books ranged from large oil paintings to small prints of watercolors and pen and inks.


The people and objects depicted are straight out of Annette’s life. Ordinary objects like a piano or a telephone are imbued with life and memory as she told me the stories behind each one to the soulful croon of the saxophone


Oil paintings by Dorothy Annette
Oil paintings by Dorothy Annette.


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