Our Staff

Owner and Proprietor: James M. Hall

Manager: Amy Hesselink

Assistant Manager/Buyer: Mimi Hannan

Mimi loves books, especially contemporary fiction, and boxes of advanced reader copies of books fill her with glee. She also loves bunnies, delights in growing veggies, adores a bald, bespectacled man named Mark, and lives to exchange kawaii gifs with her coworkers.

Events Coordinator/Bookseller: Anne Porter

Anne Porter used to climb a jacaranda tree in order to read books. She spent years in San Francisco haunting City Lights, and in New York, lurking at Strand. Art books are her favorite because the type and pictures are usually big.

Bookseller and YA Queen: Maggie Hills
Maggie was, unfortunately, only given books to eat as a child. Now she devours them voraciously. Her preferred delicacies are Children’s lit and YA fiction though economics, history and some science have also proved delicious. Demonstrating knowledge of Lord of the Rings and/or Harry Potter makes you worthy of conversation. If not, prepare to be impressed by something ridiculous.