6 Christmas Books to Read This Holiday Season

Looking for a new book to read this Christmas season? Look no further! Below is a list of 6 wonderful stories to enjoy reading yourself or to give as gifts to friends and family.


The Gift of the Magi

A short story by O. Henry, The Gift of the Magi tells the tale of a young couple who are very much in love, but have very little money. A beautiful story about sacrifice, giving, and the power of love, The Gift of the Magi exemplifies the shelter that can be built from the love between two people when the harsh realities of the world come knocking.


holiday reading the gift of the magi


Letters from Father Christmas

Though he is best known for his epic fantasy, The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien also wrote many other stories, including Letters from Father Christmas. When Tolkien’s oldest son was only three years old, Tolkien began writing letters to him from Father Christmas, detailing his travels and adventures in the North Pole. Tolkien continued to write and illustrate the letters for his children over a span of 20 years. They were edited by Tolkien’s daughter-in-law, Baillie Tolkien, and published posthumously in 1973.


holiday reading letters from father Christmas

The Greatest Gift

If you like the classic Christmas film, It’s a Wonderful Life, you’ll love the short story it was based on. The Greatest Gift was self-published as a booklet in 1943 by its author, Philip Van Doren Stern, and tells the story of a down and out man named George Pratt who contemplates committing suicide by jumping off a bridge on Christmas Eve. Before he can go through with his plans, he is approached by a badly dressed, but kindly stranger. George proceeds to take a journey that leads him to an understanding of the greatest gift of all.

holiday reading the greatest gift


The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

This classic children’s tale by C.S. Lewis is not strictly a Christmas story, but contains a visit from Father Christmas and many wintery days. The first book in the seven volume Narnia series, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is a wonderful story to curl up next to the fire with. Add some Turkish delight and a cup of hot cocoa, and you’ll be hard pressed not to feel the holiday spirit seeping in.


holiday reading the lion the witch and the wardrobe

Holidays on Ice

Best known for his humorous, ostensibly autobiographical essays, David Sedaris, author of Me Talk Pretty One Day and Naked brings us Holidays on Ice, a snarky collection of holiday essays. From the hilarity of chronicling the adventures of working as an elf at Macy’s during Christmas, to what’s to be done when one finds oneself locked outside during a snow storm, Holidays on Ice will keep you laughing through the long winter evenings.


Christmas reading holidays on ice

The Tailor of Gloucester

Bound adorably small, The Tailor of Gloucester is one of Beatrix Potter’s beloved children’s stories. First published in 1903, the book tells the story of a poor tailor suffering a hard winter. Lucky for the tailor, he shares his shop with some very helpful and clever mice, who can not only help the tailor with his work, but also outsmart the sly cat, Simpkin. The Tailor of Gloucester is a fun read for all ages and a great stocking stuffer!


holiday reading the tale of gloucester



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