5 Stephen Hawking Books that Aren’t “A Brief History of Time”

The brilliant Stephen Hawking passed away on March 14, 2018, leaving behind a brilliant legacy in the world of theoretical physics.


Professor Hawking first made waves in the scientific community when his book, A Brief History of Time, became a phenomenal bestseller, making his theories about black holes accessible to the layman and academic alike. Though A Brief History of Time is still his most widely known work, Professor Hawking wrote many other books during his amazing life.


Here are 5 books by Stephen Hawking you may not have encountered before:


My Brief History

Hawking’s life story re-entered the public eye with the release of the 2014 film, “The Theory of Everything,” and the Academy Award winning portrayal of Hawking by actor Eddie Redmayne.

In My Brief History, Professor Hawking tells his story in his own words. A memoir chronicling his life from boyhood in post-war London to the celebrity his academic work earned him, My Brief History is as full of wit and charm as the author himself.


hawking history


George’s Secret Key Series

Perhaps the most surprising titles on this list are a series of children’s books Hawking co-authored with his daughter, Lucy. This series of 5 books follows the adventures of George and Annie, two children who have an amazing time exploring the galaxy.

An excellent way to introduce children to the wondrous world of science, Hawking’s George series is not only fun and compelling, but also chock full of scientific facts to educate the minds of the next generation of scientists.


George secret key universe


On the Shoulders of Giants

Harkening back to the foundations of scientific inquiry, On the Shoulders of Giants finds Hawking analyzing the original scientific texts of such big-league names as Einstein, Copernicus, Galilei, Kepler and Newton. Hawking explains why these texts are so fundamentally important to the development of science and how brave inquiry from curious minds literally changed the world.




Black Holes: the Reith Lectures

In 2016, Hawking delivered the BBC’s Reith lectures on a subject near to his heart; black holes. It was Hawking’s belief that understanding how these ineffable parts of the cosmos relate to space and time could reveal the keys to the Universe. Hawking’s Reith Lectures are bound together to make a book of profound inquiry, ready for the keen scientific mind to dive in and revel in the mysteries of our Universe.


black holes reith lectures


The Grand Design

There are many mind-boggling questions about our reality that we do not know the answers to. How did it all begin? Why are we here? What is the nature of reality? Is there a grand design or is it all haphazard coincidence?

Hawking and co-author Leonard Mlodinow explore the latest scientific thinking regarding the deepest questions of the Universe in a book whose approach is brilliant in its simplicity towards these complex issues.


grand design


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