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Why Books Make the Best Mother’s Day Gifts

It can be difficult to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift. The traditional route of flowers and a card are no doubt appreciated, but they may not convey the depth you want to express. If your mother is a reader, book lover, or simply has a special place in her heart for a particular book for a particular reason, books are always an excellent idea for a gift. Here are some of the reasons why a book is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day:


Books Hold Emotional Value

The meaning a certain book can hold for a person, or between more than one person, can be incredibly powerful. Perhaps there is a specific book your mom read to you at night when you were a child that holds special significance for both of you, or maybe there was a particular author or work of literature that you both shared a love for. Receiving a special edition (or any edition) of a book that reminds your mother of the bond you share is very meaningful and will be a reminder of beautiful moments for years to come.


Books are Durable

Books don’t break easily. There’s never a chance they won’t fit or will need batteries or will go out of style. A book will last long after flowers die and chocolate is eaten, able to stand up against the test of time and be treasured and enjoyed for many years to come.




Books Have a Personal Touch

Few things can speak more intimately to the human soul than a book that has impacted you. Hunting down a special edition of your mother’s favorite book or a title that has long been out of print is an incredibly thoughtful expression of love. It adds the personal touch that is so meaningful in gift-giving.


Ideas are Invaluable

Unlike most other material objects, a book isn’t merely something that looks nice as a piece of décor or holds sentimental value because of the memories it evokes. Books contain whole multitudes, worlds and ideas that are unique unto themselves and have the power to transform lives. Giving a book isn’t just giving a gift; it’s giving a whole new perspective on life. As Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. so aptly put it; “One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” You can’t put a price on the change a book can bring about in a person’s life.


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Buying Books Supports Free Thinking

Buying books helps support the continual sharing of ideas by making it possible for authors, publishing companies, and book stores to stay in business and continue bringing the power of the written word to the world. When you invest in a book, you are not only investing in yourself and a loved one, but to the greater world of literacy and education that books embody.


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